What to Expect

Responsive Design

Responsive design is, in a nutshell, one code fits all. With more search queries being made on mobile platforms, the need for responsive design has risen tremendously. Designing a website from the start to be responsive is always a good idea. Inspired-Designs also offers to turn existing websites into responsive ones. Unless specifically stated otherwise, most of our websites will come with some depth of responsive design.


Using the latest in coding standards provides a sure foundation to keep your website looking good and running smoothly on all the latest browsers. The new standards also come with many improvements for security, compatibility, and animations in the event javascript cannot be used or is not wanted. All new websites will be coded using HTML5 and CSS3, and we can also update existing sites to this mobile friendly standard.        


Content Management System allows you to control and update your site on your own without having to contact the designer to make changes. These can be small or large, and are nearly a must for any e-commerce site. CMS is a speciality of Inspired-Designs and will be tailored to exactly what you need.


Search Engine Optimization is standard with all websites we provide. This allows your site to appear in search results based on the users query compared with the purpose of your site. SEO is continually changing, and so are the ways to target the results. SEO can be tied into a CMS for those who would like to update this on their own.

Logo Design

Logos brand your company or product and serve as an instant reminder when seen. Branding your organization or business is a great way to get noticed and repeat customers. In logo design we provide 3 rough design versions to initially choose from and refine from there. All designs are of new intellectual design and skill.

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